How To Successfully Use A Lookalike Audience

Using Lookalike Audiences based of your current customers is an easy way to touch new prospects.

How To Successfully Use A Lookalike Audience
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The ultimate goal of any Facebook Ad, no matter what your business is, is to reach more people and sell more in a shorter amount of time. It’s all about making money FAST.

That’s what EVERY business wants because business owners know if you reach MORE people and more people know who you are, your sales will INCREASE. And the sooner you can reach them, the better.

The fact of the matter is that time, money, and ATTENTION positively correlates! They are all intertwined and dependent on one another. If even one lacks, the others will suffer.

If you want your product to sell, your product doesn’t need to be the best. Sure, it’d be better if it was, but we all know that’s not enough.

No one will buy a product they don’t know exists. You need the time and money to promote it if you want it to succeed. But you also need attention if you ever hope to have the time and money to make your product the most known.

This is why attention is so important if not more important than time and money. It’s the most important asset you can gain and fundamental reason your business needs marketing and advertising.


know your audience

Businesses need to reach audiences of wide varieties and use the best strategies to communicate effectively with them.

One challenge a lot of businesses face when it comes to marketing is reaching ‘new’ audiences; or what I like to call ‘cold traffic’. These are people, or users, that know NOTHING about your business. Having a strategy for reaching new prospects is incredibly important. If you can’t do that, you won’t scale, you won’t expand, or reach the next level. To put it simply, growth won’t happen.

And that, my friend, is where your business declines and fails.

But that doesn’t have to happen! There are ways you can reach new audiences without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money forming an entirely new advertising campaign.

If you are a Facebook Ad user, you should be familiar with creating ‘custom audiences‘. Anyone who knows Facebook Ads knows that reaching the right audience is a necessity in the perfect Facebook Ads strategy.

But what do you do when you’ve found and exhausted the right audience?

How do you branch out and find game outside the set amount of reach Facebook has given to you? 

The answer: Lookalike Audiences

A Lookalike Audience is an untouched audience generated by Facebook that’s based on a custom audience you’ve already created.

Using a Lookalike Audience is a unique opportunity for getting your product in front of people like an audience you’ve already come in contact with.

I know, this must might sound almost too good to be true. But if you use them right, you’ll be rewarded with fresh prospects for your business.

where do I create audiences on facebook

Lookalike Audiences are derivative of the Custom Audiences you’ve created in the Facebook Ads Manager.

We can create Custom Audiences a variety of ways. This can be done by means of video engagement, the importing of a list (or CSV file), or through the use of a Facebook Pixel. However, we recommend ONLY importing a list of your current customers. The best Lookalike to create hands-down is one that looks most like those who will BUY from you.

If you want to learn more about some Custom Audiences you can create for your business, click HERE.

In your Ads Manager, you can create Custom Audiences under the Audience option.

Once you have created a Custom Audience, you can create a Lookalike Audience by using the Custom Audience you created as the ‘source’ for your new audience. This means that Facebook will generate an entirely new audience reflective of the custom audience you’ve provided.

This is an entirely new set of people and prospects with similar interests, patterns of engagement, behavior, and buying habits to those who have ALREADY engaged with your business.

reach more prospects

Using Lookalike Audiences makes it incredibly easy to expand your reach.

If you aren’t using Lookalike Audiences, you could be leaving money on the table. There are prospects out there waiting to get answers. They want solutions and if you have what they need, making one small tweak to your strategy could pull them into your prospect pool and land you even more deals than your custom audiences alone could give you.

However, keep in mind, the larger you make your Lookalike Audience, the LEAST like your custom audience it will look like. So, if you want to make sure your audience is the CLOSEST to your audience as possible, keep it small. That way, you can get the most out of your custom audience.

Now, the best strategy I can give you for creating Lookalikes is as follows: Create Lookalikes based solely off of those who BUY from you. If you do that you’re going to be able to target a whole-new audience of people WILLING to BUY.

After all, that’s what you want right?

Using Lookalike Audiences adds a whole new dynamic to the Facebook Ads game. It’s an easy way to branch out of audiences you’ve already exhausted and to target entirely new audiences. If you create a Lookalike based off a custom audience of your customers, you’ll be one step closer to acquire a set of fresh customers eager to buy your products or services.

Use Lookalike Audiences and use them well! You’re going to need to if you hope to get the most out of the audiences you already have the privilege of serving.


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February 5, 2019

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