How Do You Scale Fast With Lookalike Audiences

The approach you take in scaling your Facebook Ads can have a direct impact on your results.

How To Scale Fast With Facebook Ads
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Scaling your Facebook Ad campaigns doesn’t have to be difficult. Actually, it can be very easy with the right strategies!

But I wouldn’t take this lightly. When I say the ‘right’ strategies, I mean the RIGHT ones because using the wrong ones can be dangerous and send your results spiraling downwards.

Let’s say you’ve got your hands on an ad that rocks. It’s pulling in leads, getting results, you’re saving money, and getting paid. All is good, but you want to GROW.

I know, you might be tempted to start pumping a lot of that beautiful cash you’re earning into your ad spend but I caution you: DON’T DO IT. 

Or at least, not a lot of it.

increasing your ad spend

Heavily increasing your ad spend is NOT an effective way to scale your Facebook Ads.

Sure, spending more tends to yield better results, but changing your ad spend drastically can stunt your growth or even hurt them.

So don’t go amping up your ad spend once you start seeing results. I’m warning you.

Now, to scale your Facebook Ads properly, you’re going to need to use lookalike audiences instead of pumping all of your budget into a single ad.

Lookalike audiences are composed of new prospects with interests, user behavior, and engagement similar to custom audiences you’ve created. 

You see, once you have an ad that works, you can create additional ads using lookalike audiences as the ad set. Distributing all of the extra cash you’re making across multiple ads with similar audiences is going to do better than one ad with a lot of spend.

Typically, lookalikes are used to target individuals like those most loyal to your business or brand. However, at Nexo, we’re picky with who we decide to use in scaling our Facebook Ads.

prospects who buy from you

We like to create lookalikes similar to prospects who actually have BOUGHT from us.

Yes, that’s right. The best lookalike audiences are based of your actual customers.

Once you have an ad that gets attention, clicks, and conversions, you’re going to want to funnel in an audience leans towards spending. The goal after all should be sales.


Another tip for scaling your Facebook Ads is to not to go big. Or in other words, create large lookalike audiences.

But why?

The answer is simple. The larger your lookalike audience, the least like your original custom audience it will look like.

If you’re going to make a lookalike audience based of the people who actually buy from you, make sure you don’t dilute your audience at all.

Remember, your lookalike audience should be composed of action takers, the people who will pay for your product or service. So deviating away from that to reach more people is a no-no.

It’s all about quality, not quantity when it comes to effective Facebook Ads.

Scaling your Facebook Ads can be easy and fast with the right strategies. With these tips, I’m sure you’ll be well on your way to producing more ads and audiences that yield fantastic results.


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February 18, 2019

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