How To Handle Your Business Headaches

In business, you’ve got to take the good with the bad if you expect to grow.

How To Handle Your Business Headaches
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Owning a business isn’t easy. There will always be something that needs your attention. Whether it’s refining processes to make things more efficient or business development and following-up with leads, there is always something that needs to be done.

Business EQUALS headaches.

If you’re a business owner, you know this too well. Business ownership is not as glamorous as most would like it to be.

But, like all things, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Even the headaches…

If you’re a relatively new business growth is important to you. You need revenue to grow.

But is there such thing as having too much business?

Recently we ran a campaign for a client and receive 236 quality leads in just 3-weeks from a $729 ad spend. With thousands of people watching this video, engaging with, and loving his content, our ad overloaded our client. (It wasn’t the worst problem, but we had to turn off the ad to give him some downtime.)

You would think having the headache of ‘too much’ business would essentially be the dream of every business owner. But that isn’t always the case. Many of them find getting more leads or new business ‘too much’ of a pain because they can’t think of ways to manage the workload.

Does this sound like you? Or do you see more leads as an opportunity for growth?

You see, no matter what, there will always be headaches. If it’s not having too much business, it’s having too little and vice versa.

Honestly, we’d rather you worry about how you are going to service all the leads you get from Facebook Ads than worry about not getting enough leads to sustain your business.

You should welcome the challenge because that is the only way you’ll grow. Get outside your comfort zone, feel the heat, and take the pressure. All of that is going to make your company great!

It’s the challenges that make growth possible.

It’s unfortunate to think that some people would actually avoid this risk of taking on new business simply because they feel their business isn’t ready.

If you think like this, you’ll never be satisfied!

That’s why we encourage that you advertise, take on new business, and push past your limits until you’ve got so many leads, you don’t even know how to follow-up with them all. It’s always in the moments you feel like you’re going to break that you stretch and hit a spurt of growth you never thought possible. And boy, that’s an amazing feeling!

When it comes down to it, which headache would you rather have?

The growing pain of getting too much business or the headache of getting so little business, you might have to close your business for good.

It’s your choice.


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April 3, 2019

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