How To Generate Traffic For Your Business

Understanding the secret art of driving traffic will save your business.

How To Generate Traffic For Your Business
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If you are an entrepreneur or small business and have a website, the word ‘traffic’ must be music to your ears. Traffic is the one thing every business needs because traffic means MONEY!

No matter where you’re sending your traffic, you’re doing so with one thing in mind: your return-on-investment (ROI). That’s the real end game here.

Because no matter where your prospects are in the buyer’s journey, whether they’re curiously considering or more serious about buying your product, their appearance is welcome. You want them to get to know your brand and you want them to tell their friends about you. But most importantly, you want them to BUY what you have to offer.

The general rule of thumb is that more traffic is better than no traffic. And for the most part, it usually is true. But sending traffic solely to your website is not enough these days.

Believe it or not, there are BETTER places to drive traffic. Sometimes, your website is the LAST place you want to send users looking for solutions.

Sure, your website may do its job educating users about your goods and services, but is it going to get them to buy from you? If your pumping cash into an advertising campaign, wouldn’t you prefer the latter?

This should be a no-brainer. Your users should be CONVERTING. Bottom line.

Now, if you are after sales (like most businesses) you should know that there are 3 types of traffic out there your business can benefit from. By understanding how each is acquired and used, you should be able to develop some strategies that not only gain turn users into buyers but also leaves them wanting and sharing more.

word of mouth

Traffic you DON’T control

To put this simply, this kind of traffic is what people would call ‘word-of-mouth‘. This is generated solely off of people’s perception of your business, or what is otherwise known as your ‘reputation’.

This is where leaving a positive impression on your clients and current customers becomes important. You want to leave them so satisfied that they recommend your services to anyone they know who might need them.

This kind-of traffic is always good to have. Your brand should be easily recognizable. But at the end of the day, this isn’t something you can control directly. You can do your best to leave the best impression possible, but you can not control what your customers say about you. Not the slightest bit.


traffic you control

Traffic you DO control

For the most part, this is the kind of traffic everyone needs to gain traction for their business. It is also where advertising works best. Advertising gets the ball rolling by putting your business right where you want it to be, in front of the customers.

By advertising, you’re paying to drive traffic to a place where users can buy your products. This can be your landing page, your eCommerce website, or even Facebook Messenger.  When you pay, you’re in control.

Traffic that you control is traffic that you PAY for. You pay a certain amount of money in exchange for a certain amount of clicks and hope that in the end, the traffic you bring to your business provide you with a positive return.

Every business needs this because relying on word-of-mouth won’t take your business to the next level. Not on its own.


traffic that you own

Traffic that you own

YES! The ultimate and most sought after kind of traffic, the traffic everyone wants, is the kind you OWN. The traffic you own is the traffic that makes EVERYTHING else work in your favor.

When you own traffic, it’s yours. You don’t have to pay for it. You can do whatever you want with it! A good example of traffic you own is an ‘email list’. An email list can easily be generated with when driving traffic to a capture page that collects email addresses. Once you’ve compiled, you open up a whole new way of marketing to your users WITHOUT having to pay for ANYTHING.

But email marketing is NOT the only way you can own traffic. Email is not necessarily the best owned-strategy if your business is still growing or just starting out.

If you’re just like every entrepreneur or business owner, you’re probably working on building up your Facebook following. This itself has a multitude of benefits, one of which is Facebook Messenger.

Using Facebook Ads, you can build a subscriber list by allowing your traffic to send you messages about your product, service, or business. Once they become messenger subscribers, you can send out broadcasts, just as you would with email, but with BETTER results.

email marketing is dying

Email marketing is dying in today’s world.

People are becoming less responsive to email by the day. Think about your inbox and all of your unread messages.

It’s hard enough to get people to open an email. Imagine how much psychology it will take to get users to click through and buy your product. Is it really worth the trouble?

That’s when Facebook Messenger comes in as a solution for getting the most out of your owned traffic. If you’re looking for something more instant and accessible, driving traffic to Facebook Messenger and building a subscriber list will make it easier for you to continue to follow-up with and touch your soon-to-be and existing customers.

Facebook Messenger boasts an average 90% open rate. That is HUGE when compared to email’s average open rate of 20%. So which would you say is better? Which would you rather own?

Facebook Messenger also scores higher in click-through-rates (CTR) with an average 30-50%. Whereas email only acquire a 1-3% CTR. Are you convinced yet?

Get creative with how you cultivate and drive your traffic.

In today’s digital age of gadgets, gizmos, apps, and tech, there is an infinite amount of ways to communicate with users online. There are tons of resources available to market your business, finding the right one solely depends on your willingness to adapt to the times and follow the trends.

If you want to drive traffic the RIGHT way, you can’t rely on the old ways. You have to get INNOVATIVE. Learn how to control your traffic, how to own it, and deliver results in a way that leaves your users satisfied with your business.

Remember, at the end of the day, you want your users to BUY from you. So drive traffic in a way that you KNOW will hook your audience, keep their interests, and have them asking for more.


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January 25, 2019

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