How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook ads is more than boosting posts.

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Facebook could care less about how many leads you get, how many appointments you get scheduled, or how many sales you make. That’s just the reality about how Facebook Advertising works.

All Facebook cares about is impressions. They say things like “Give me a $100 a day and I’ll show your ad to a range of people” Of course this is only hypothetical, but that’s it. In exchange for money, they will show your ad to a certain amount of people. This could be 10,000. It can be 50,000. The more you pay, the more people see your ad.

However, paying more money isn’t the only thing that gives you more visibility with Facebook Advertising. One of the reasons we’re so adamant about using video at Nexo is because Facebook prioritizes video content over any other kind of content out there.

A sponsored ad that uses a video gets pushed to more people than any other medium. So, if you’re paying Facebook $100 a day, would you rather have Facebook show your ad to 10,000 people or 50,000 people? That should be a no-brainer! If you can get more for less, DO IT!


use video advertising

Video always works better. 

It’s also where the attention is. When you’re scrolling down your newsfeed, you’re probably spending more time watching videos than anything else. Videos get attention and Facebook knows it. That’s why video will always work better.

Now, every Facebook Ad needs and audience and depending on who your audience is, your range will change. The goal in your targeting isn’t to target the most people possible, but rather the most qualified. You want your ads converting on an average of 10% and that can be hard to do if a majority of your audience isn’t qualified to convert in the first place.


listen to your audience

Listen to your audience.

What are their pain points? What challenges do they face?

The best place to inform you of who your perfect audience is your current customer base.

So, ask your customers questions to figure them out! That’s how we did it.

After sitting with hundreds of business owners and talking about their struggles, we were able to identify one common theme amongst them. Boosting posts. So many business owners in the San Antonio area were boosting posts and seeing no return for the money they were paying.


understand your audience

The perfect Facebook Ad knows how to connect to its audience.

This is what makes knowing your audience so crucial. The only way your ad will connect to potential customers is if it can relate to them. And what is the best way to relate to someone? Empathy. That’s right. You have to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

The second fundamental rule of selling states that “People buy  things for emotional, not rational, reasons.” This means that your ad’s objective should solely be based on trigging an emotional response.

If you can successfully do that, getting that a 10% conversion rate or higher could be a walk in the park. Once a prospect has clicked through your ad, they’re going to be dropped into a funnel where you can expect to close them and make them a true customer. 

The art of the funnel lies in the way you position value and persuade your prospect. Depending on your funnel type, your strategy will be different. But either way, you’re going to want to strive to validate your prospects decision to buy.

Facebook Ads works with these main parts. If your ad can connect with your audience and move them effectively down your funnel and making a decision, you’re doing your job. Plain and simple. Use your ad to attract your audience. Speak to the emotions of your buyer and lead them into your funnel. Once you have them there, you can persuade them into making a decision, therefore converting them into one of your many happy customers.


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March 5, 2019

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