This Is Why You Should Want To Fail

If you want to succeed, you’re going to want to fail first.

This Is Why You Should Want To Fail
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Owning a business isn’t easy; no matter how successful your business is, it comes with its own set of headaches and struggles.

Every business has been affected by failure at some point. And most businesses are completely destroyed by it. Failure doesn’t discriminate and it comes in all shapes and sizes.

The life of a business owner is one of tremendous heartache. For every gain there are a dozen losses. It can be gut-wrenching, but owning a business wasn’t meant to be easy. You knew this before you started. You understood the risk that would come with business…

But now you’re going to quit because things are tough?

Is this how you’ll reward your commitment?

Is that how you’ll achieve your dream?


Being A Business Owner Is Not Magic

Accept that being a business owner isn’t magic.

It doesn’t come with a set of instructions or map. It’s filled with trials of uncertainty and you’ll face risks everyday. And with risk comes loss. But with every loss, there is a lesson to gain, a reason to change.

The only way you’re going to learn how to run a business is from the struggles you face everyday. Failure makes a business stronger. Businesses, corporations, empires; none of these were built in a day. Mega-companies are built through dedication, persistence, and hard-work. A business NEEDS to fail, in order to LEARN how to succeed.

As the Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson once said “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”

At Nexo, we hold true to this philosophy because we understand that the speed of implementation is a powerful thing. Sure, when you do more, you can lose more. Not everything swing will hit a home run, but it only takes one home run to win a game when your bases are locked-and-loaded.


Owning A Business Comes With Risk

Losing comes with the territory of being a business owner.

Fearing failure will only hold you back. And in most ways, you want to fail just so you can learn what it means to be right. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t try. If you don’t tinker or mess with the formula, innovation can’t happen. Success is dependent on failure! Without it, success would be impossible. 

That’s why they call it ‘trial-and-error’.

If things are getting tough in your business, don’t let it get the best of you. Take the lows as opportunities for growth. Don’t fear failure, because you won’t win without failing first.

Use failure to take your business to the next level. Fear and do it anyway. Fail to succeed.

The truth is that you might never be ready. After all, perfection is a far stretch without some practice.

So get out there and do more! Invest in new things. Take risks. Make an effort to master the things that work and stop doing the things that don’t. But never, under any circumstance, give up.

In business, you’re either ‘all-in’ or ‘all-out’.

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April 9th, 2019

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