How Do You Create A Successful Business Online?

Follow these tips if you want to make your online business a success.

How Do You Create A Successful Business Online
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Building an online business comes with its fair share of headaches. You have to learn your market, build a website, set your prices, and put in place systems for getting your products into the hands of your buyers.

Having a successful online business is a lot of work and it’s no difference when it comes to marketing it.

This is where we come in. Whether you’re in the process of starting an online business or have had one for sometime, as a budding entrepreneur, you should know that marketing is essential to the success of your business!

Now, granted; marketing isn’t always easy. It comes with its own share of headaches too. But the goal of this post is to make it at least a bit easier for you.


TIP ONE: Use a video when marketing your products

This is the one thing you can be sure of when marketing your business online. It’s our number one recommendation for a reason. Because it works!

If you’re advertising online, and even more especially with Facebook Ads, nothing performs better than a video. It’s ALWAYS more effective.

Videos get the most attention, they have the most reach, and they get the message across WAY better than a picture ad.


market one product at a time

TIP TWO: Market one product at a time

I know that it might be tempting as a business owner to put it all out there, but like with most cases; BAD IDEA.

You don’t want to confuse an already indecisive prospect by giving them too many things to choose from. So, what do you do instead? You make the decision for them.

This means to market ONE product to ONE person at a time. Keep it simple. Sometimes a limit reach of quality targeting goes farther than a wider reach of more people.

You want sales right? That’s the whole reason you’re marketing your products in the first place! Put ONE product in front of the ONE person who needs it the most.

Marketing is all about timing. It’s about putting the right product in front of the right person at the time they are most prepared to make a decision to buy.


use an online sales funnel

TIP THREE: Use an online sales funnel

I can’t name a single online business that hasn’t done this and been successful. If you want your online business to be successful, you’re going to need to connect your ad to a funnel that will effectively lead prospects to purchase the product you decide to market.

Depending on your product and/or audience, the type of funnel you use may vary, but for the most part the goal is the same.

If you’re doing eCommerce, always send them to the product page. Put them exactly where they can learn more about the product they’ve seen in your promotion. That way you can give them the ability to buy right then and there, so utilize a CTA to get them to click through to the checkout page.

Now if you are a service industry, the strategy will work a little differently online.

On the initial landing page, your prospects should be given either the ability to request more information or to collect a valuable free offer in exchange for their email.

The purpose of this step is to EDUCATE your prospect on your business and services while simultaneously providing value and developing a relationship with them. Also, it provides you with the ability to FOLLOW-UP with your prospect. This is a HUGE advantage to any business owner, because even if they aren’t ready to buy now, it’s completely possible for them to buy later.

So, keep that in mind.

Next, you will need to send them someplace where they can schedule their appointment. This can be done with resources such as Calendly. Giving your prospects the ability to schedule an appointment can further optimize your lead generation and provide you with even more qualified leads than a free offer or information can.

This lets you know who exactly is ready to buy and make a decision. Building a list of quality leads can also be helpful in creating new custom audiences for targeting with new ads later down the line.


provide extra value and upsell

TIP FOUR: Provide more value & upsell

Finally, once they’ve purchased your product or scheduled their appointment, you can funnel them down to where you can either provide them with MORE value or educate them with more of your various products or services. The keyword here is to UPSELL.

I know, each ad needs to market ONE product, but there is no shame is marketing additional products after a purchase has already been made. Develop a relationship with your prospects so that they want to keep coming back for more.

Think about ways you can offer them additional value while encouraging them to make an additional purchase at the same time. For instance, you could sell a related product at a discounted price as a onetime offer or provide them with a coupon they could use for a limited time.

Get creative with your upsells.

These tips are the foundation of successfully creating a business online. As long as you remember to use videos, to market one product at a time, to utilize an online sales funnel, and to provide more value and upsell, you’re going to be well on your way to automating your online business into a whole new level of growth and success.


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February 19, 2019

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