How Much Does It Cost To Advertise?

Getting a real-ROI comes from having people know your product, your company, and your brand.

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When it comes to advertising, many business owners are often fixate on the cost that come with it. It’s bewildering. Business owners know they need it, but the cost is always in question: “How much does it cost to advertise?” 

This question almost always leads to cutting costs, minimizing budgets, or in many cases not advertising at all.

Simply because business owners, especially those in the small business sector, think advertising is too expensive. 

But let me be the first to tell you… Advertising WON’T cost you money!

I repeat advertising WON’T cost you money!

But, do you know what WILL cost you money?


what will cost me my business

Not being seen. Being unheard of. People not knowing who you are. 

If people don’t know you, that costs you. You won’t make any money if people have never heard of your product or brand.

People like to complain about investing $5 a day when it doesn’t lead directly to a sell. And trust me, I get it. Your return-on-investment (ROI) is important. 

Nobody knows that better than us. At Nexo, we’re all about maximizing the ROI. We shoot for the HIGHEST ROI possible with every advertising campaign we create. 

But can you tell me what’s the ROI of not being seen?

What’s your ROI if you don’t advertise? What does it cost you?

You see, I’d rather spend money putting myself out there, then wasting money waiting in the dark.

Sure, advertising doesn’t always lead to sells (not immediately anyway) but, at the very least, people are getting to know our brand. By advertising, we’re establishing a connection, staying relevant, and keeping our brand top-of-mind by keeping our brand in the forefront. 

Let me ask you…

This morning when you got out of bed, did you see a Nexo ad? How many Nexo ads have you seen?

Come on!

You’re here right? And if you didn’t see our ad, then what did you see? What exactly led you here?

That’s right. Our content!

We’re here, in YOUR FACE, right now because we got your ATTENTION!

We’re not pitching or trying to get you to buy into anything. That’s isn’t the case. What matters is that we’re in front of you and that you know who we are. We want you to know what we’re all about and that, my friend, is your ROI.


get attention

Getting seen, being known, and brand recognition holds its own weight.

These things hold as much value as sells do. After all, the more people know who you and what you do, the more you’ll sell. 


That’s how all the big names do it! Big names like Apple, Amazon, McDonalds, Tesla, etc. wouldn’t be where they are right now without some form of advertising.

Without marketing, no one would know who they are!

Sure, you can cold call, go to networking events, and ask for referrals. All of these things you should be doing.

But what if you could just make one video and get in the face of THOUSANDS of people?

You can’t put a price on getting people to know your name, on building trust and showing people value BEFORE they make the decision to buy. 

Be seen. Get in front of your audience. Invest in advertising.

It is costing you so much more, not being in front of the people who need your product right NOW.

You might have the best product ever, but it will NEVER beat the most known product. I don’t care if you have the best product in the world.


If nobody knows about it, nobody’s gonna buy it. Whether you like it or not; that’s the cold hard truth.

So get out there, get noticed, and tell people what you have to offer!

Let’s get it!


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April 10th, 2019

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