How To Connect To Your Prospects

The secret to good copywriting is in how you connect to your ideal buyer.

How To Connect To Your Prospects
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In order to effectively market a product, you’ve got to know the “who”  and the “how” to get things done. The same goes with copywriting.

Effective copywriting connects with the right people and it speaks to them in a way that it drives an action.

That’s what copywriting is all about. It’s the ultimate skill of persuasion!

If your copywriting is not persuasive, it’s not doing its job.

The only way copy stands a chance at persuading a prospect in persuading their decision, whether it is to buy or merely provide you the contact information needed to make them a lead, is by connecting with them.

Let me explain:

The three fundamental rules to selling state that a person…

These three rules play a big part in determining how effective your copy is.

If your copy is too pitchy and tries too hard to sell your prospects, they will more than likely going to be turned off by your copy and look away.

If it doesn’t do a good job at ’empathizing’ with the prospect, or ‘triggering an emotional response’ of some sort, it become less likely for prospects to make the action you want them too.

And finally, if your copy fails at delivering additional value to the prospect AFTER they make their decision, you will lose that prospect FOREVER.

Do you really want that?

Sure you don’t. No one does! This is more than enough reason for you to take your copywriting seriously.

Now, I want you to consider these three things. They can make a difference between gaining and losing a ton of money.


Know Who You're Writing To

First, know who you’re writing to.

I mean, this is pretty straightforward. You should know your buyer well. You should know what they hope for, what their problems are, and the position they are in when approaching your product.

Know why they would even need it in the first place and communicate to that emotion.

The keyword here is EMPATHY.

Without empathy, your copy won’t be able to speak to the heart and entice an action.

Remember, decisions to buy are made solely for EMOTIONAL reasons. If you can’t speak to the emotion of your ideal buyer, you won’t communicate with them.


Second, speak their language.

Mimicking your ideal buyer’s language should be second nature. Speak to them on their wave length, within their reality, and situation.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Remember, EMPATHY. You’ve got to speak ‘human-to-human’ (H2H). You don’t want to sound robotic, corporate, or as if you are apart of a huge irrelevant entity. People don’t want to be sold by something they feel is out of touch with the lives of the ordinary person.

You want to speak to your prospects like you would a friend and remind them that you are human too.


Help Your Prospects

Third, help your prospects.

Seriously, HELP THEM. Your prospects should be more than a paycheck. Sure, money and sales are important, but your company needs a mission. If you don’t offer a solution to a problem, fulfill a promise, or offer and deliver value in any way, you’re going to leave your prospects BURNED.

There is nothing worse than that. The last thing you want to do it provoke a NEGATIVE emotional response when you should be making your prospects feel GOOD about their decision to choose YOU.

As a digital marketer, copywriting is the MOST important skill you can develop because its essential to moving your prospects deeper into the buyer’s journey.

It is your DUTY to leave them satisfied.

Take your copywriting seriously and use it to CONNECT with your prospects, not sell them. At least, not right away. Take your time, be there to guide them, and let them make their decision on their own terms.

If you are serious about helping your prospects, trust can easily be gained.


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February 15, 2019

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