What’s The Difference Between Cockiness and Confidence?

If you're going the be great at something, you might as well be the greatest.

What's The Difference Between Cockiness and Confidence
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There is a definite difference between confidence and cockiness. Though many may tell you “not to be prideful” or “to be more humble” , you can’t let that deter you from doing what you do best.

Sure, modesty is a virtue. We should all be modest.

But what’s wrong with wanting more or calling yourself great?

You see, it’s these moments, when others make you question yourself, that you find yourself doubting. You see yourself through another’s eyes. After all, you can only hear something so many times before you start believing it yourself.


Isn’t that how the saying goes?

No one likes to lose. We all want to win. But we all know the world isn’t fair. It never will be.

Whether we like it or not, that’s simply the truth.

Yet, some of us choose to rise, despite all that come against us. There are those who are driven to leading a life of fire and passion because they believe in their gifts, their talents, and their unlimited potential.

If you’re committed to becoming the greatest, you have to BE the greatest. And the only way to BE the greatest is to be BOLD, DETERMINED, and DISCIPLINED.


the greats achieve their dreams

The greatests of all time never let the naysayers tell them what believe nor did they let them discourage them from achieving their dreams.

So, neither should you.

You have a life to lead, a reputation to build, and a destiny to fulfill.

Why would you let anyone tell you your worth?

Being the greatest is NOT being cocky. No, it’s being BOLD enough to know you’re great and HUMBLE enough to know that there is room to grow. Because the greatest don’t stop. No standard is ever enough. There is ALWAYS another level.

There is a certain degree of self-awareness that comes with being great, an understanding of one’s true potential.

No one is born the greatest.

A champion does not have their title handed to them. Before you can become the greatest, you have to believe you that you can be and then WORK for it.

It’s not cocky to be confident. Confidence is the BELIEF in one’s ability to succeed. It’s not a matter of outcome, but rather the willingness to try, because you believe you can win.

It’s precisely this quality that brings people to the forefront and catches the eye of those who matter. Your confidence will allow you to shine and to earn the appreciation and respect of those who value you.

So, be confidnt. Don’t be ashamed to use your gifts because you’re afraid of making someone else feel bad. Surround yourself with people who won’t let you settle. Find mentors and learn from the GOATs.

If you strive to be the greatest, you’re going to catch the attention of the best-of-the-bests. It’s only a matter of time before someone notices you shining. Effort is hardly ever goes unrewarded.

Be persistent. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the illusion that life is supposed to be a certain way because someone else told you so. Don’t live by the status quo. Be the exception!

When you actively seek to do great things, great things happen. Because great things DON’T come to those who wait. Great things come to those who GET IT!


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April 2, 2019

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