Are Cheap Leads Really Good?

If you’re more concerned with cheap leads and not quality, you need a reality check.

Are Cheap Leads Really Good?
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Everyone knows the saying quality of over quantity, right? We’ve all heard it.  After all, the saying has some truth to it. Especially when it comes to Facebook Ads…

A lot of people out there will try to promise you cheap leads. And when I say cheap, I mean really cheap, as cheap as $1 or even less.

But even we can get you a 50-cent lead. Just saying.

I know that cheap leads might sound great. That doesn’t go without saying you can get thousands and thousands of cheap leads if you wanted to, but is that really what you’re after?

‘Quality over quantity’ holds a lot of weight with Facebook Ads. Using Facebook Ads, you can get a lot of leads for cheap. But the leads aren’t going to be the ‘best’ leads. Facebook’s going to give you what you pay for. So, what do you do? How do you generate quality leads?


At Nexo, our focus is on quality lead generation.

We couldn’t care less about how many leads we’re bringing in as long as we’re closing them. If we have a lot of leads and we’re not closing any, we’d have a problem.

We work hard to make sure that is never the case.

We’re not going to waste time and attention on leads who wouldn’t do the same for us. If a lead really means business, they‘ll come to you.

There was a time when we lived for the chase, when we were aggressive in our pursuit of leads, but that all changed once we developed a funnel for capturing leads. By using a  funnel, leads are able to gain resources, set their own appointments, and qualify themselves so you don’t have to yourself!

I know, it sounds great right? By setting into place a system for qualifying leads, we’re now able to automate the process and save a lot of money.  Also, the leads come to us so we spend less time worrying about the chase and can focus on things that are most important.

Cheap leads are not always the best leads. If you’re excited about a 50-cent lead, you really need to think:

Are these leads qualified? Are you closing? What are your conversions like?


cost per sale

Define your cost-per-sale (acquisition).

These things matter more than your cost-per-lead (CPL). The CPL will only tell you how much the lead cost but it‘ll never tell you how much money you’ll make off the lead. A cheap lead doesn’t equal a sell.  

So, make sure you have a system in place for qualifying your leads. The leads you’re pumping through your pipeline should be the ones ready to do business. The more qualified the lead, the easier the sale. Bottom line.

Using Facebook Ads is a great way to get attention and get people interested in whatever it is you offer. If you need a system for qualifying your leads, build a funnel and have it qualify them for you!

If you can automate a system for qualifying your leads, your ads will be much more effective at bringing you a higher ROI.

Here at Nexo, we specialize in quality lead generation and work on funnels for our clients daily to bring them an ROI worth talking about. We know what it takes to reach the people you’re after and bring you the leads you need to grow your business. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, call our office (210) 261-4991.

Let’s get it!


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March 20, 2019

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