How To Make Attractive Facebook Ads

The best Facebook Ads are the ones worth remembering.

How To Make Attractive Facebook Ads
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Good ads gets attention.

The best ads are easy to remember. They aren’t easily forgettable! They simply look good. 


How do you make an attractive Facebook Ad?

We’re the experts of getting attention on Facebook. I’m not going to shy away from it because we’ve done and tried quite possibly every single thing you can think of on Facebook.

We’ve learned the ins and outs. We know what works and what doesn’t. So take it from us, we know attractive ads.

Our goal here is to leave you with some valuable tips that will make you more confident when creating your Facebook Ad. Take what you can from us. Go to our page and check out some ads we are running.

We WANT you to  replicate us because we’ve cracked the code. We know what works. You deserve to know the TRUTH.

There are TWO things you can do with your Facebook Ad that’s going to make it monumentally easy to get the attention of your prospects.


use video ads

Use a video

I know this is something we say a lot. After all, it’s something we stand by with every single one of our ads.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) will outperform a video on Facebook. Not a static image. Not a carousel ad.



Video ALWAYS works better.

Videos not only get more attention but they get more reach too. Facebook’s algorithm absolutely LOVES them.

So, why don’t you use them?

If you want to reach more people, get more attention, gain more clicks, and convert more leads, do a video. Be about it because it could mean the difference between okay and doing phenomenal.


have a spokesperson

Use a spokesperson


Doing what’s average will yield average results.

Every ad needs a face.

If you decide you must use a picture ad, the face should be that of a puppy or pet, a baby, or a beautiful woman. We’ve tested many types of pictures over the years and found that these type of images perform the best, no matter what industry you’re in.

However, if you’re going the video route (which we hope you are), we advise that you get in front of the camera.

Your ad NEEDS a spokesperson.

Can you think of a better person to represent your business than yourself? I think not. So get in front of the camera!

“But I can’t. I’m horrible on camera.”

If this is you, then fine. Don’t do it by any means. I can’t force you. But find someone who can be. Someone who you are confident will represent your business to the fullest.

All businesses need a face, just like teams need a mascot. Keep this in mind when creating your Facebook Ad.

We recommend that you 100% use a video for your Facebook Ad. Keep it less than a minute (short, sweet, and straight to the point). Have a face on camera. If you’re not going to use your own, find someone you’re happy to have represent your business.

By doing these two things, you’ll be making your ads much more easier to pay attention to.

The average attention of a human being is not that much different from that of a goldfish. So do what will GET the most attention and KEEP the most attention.

The best ads ATTRACT the most attention.


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February 14, 2019

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