The REAL Advantage of Facebook Ads

The one true advantage of Facebook is all about reach and visibility

the advantage of facebook ads
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The internet has been setting the foundations for digital marketing since the 90s, but nothing has quite changed the way the world interacts like Facebook has.

Facebook has brought people together and given people a way to amplify their voices and reach all kinds of audiences.

Facebook is, quite literally, for everyone.

This means the world to businesses and I don’t mean that loosely. The WHOLE WORLD is on Facebook.


internet users

Just about 80% of internet users and close to 2 billion people use Facebook daily.

That’s a helluva lot of people (and a lot of customers) businesses could reach in less time than EVER in the course of advertising history.

There was a time when advertising was for the privileged and the elite. Only the rich could afford to advertise on a billboard, you know. But in today’s digital age, we live in a world where you DON’T have to be rich to advertise.

The internet provides an unlimited amount of spaces for businesses, big and small, to occupy. Facebook is one of those spaces.

It should be of no surprise that businesses everywhere are turning to Facebook to reach more prospects. You could be passing up some easy money if you’re not.

Having an effective Facebook Ad strategy is a MAJOR advantage to businesses who don’t have much to invest into advertising the good ol’ fashion way. Not everyone can pay for a billboard or a commercial on TV, but ANYONE can run a Facebook Ad.

Think of Facebook Ads as today’s billboards. 80% of internet users are on Facebook and nearly $2 billion people use it daily!

So based on this information, what can you tell me?

Your customers are on Facebook!

Without a doubt…

And those customers are waiting for you to target them!

The benefits of Facebook Ads don’t come only in the form of its accessibility (which itself should reason enough to use it).

The true advantage of using Facebook is in the visibility it can project for your brand by targeting highly specific groups of people.

With Facebook’s targeting, you can easily put yourself in front of the people who are MOST important to your business. And doing so is cheaper than any other form of advertising.


increase your sales

Increasing your sales could be as easy as putting out the perfect ad for the perfect audience.

With the right Facebook strategy, you can easily grab the attention of the audience best for your business, educate them about your product and services, and eventually have prospects begging for your business!

Do you see how easily Facebook Ads can bring your sales way up?

There is nothing cheaper and with more potential as Facebook Ads. Especially in the small business market. If you want to take your business from being known by the few to known by the many, USE Facebook Ads!

Don’t be foolish. If you think Facebook is broken or doesn’t work, you haven’t learned the right strategy yet.


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January 28th, 2019

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