How Much Does It Cost To Advertise?

Getting a real-ROI comes from having people know your product, your company, and your brand.

When it comes to advertising, many business owners are often fixate on the cost that come with it. It's bewildering.... read more

This Is Why You Should Want To Fail

If you want to succeed, you’re going to want to fail first.

Owning a business isn't easy; no matter how successful your business is, it comes with its own set of headaches... read more

How To Get Attention With Facebook Ads

Getting attention with Facebook Ads is all about triggering the right emotion.

You know that sells are important for your business. Hell, there would be no business without them. You know that... read more

How To Convert Your Traffic Into Leads

If you want to increase your conversions, leads, and sales, you need to stop sending traffic to your website.

If you’re looking to get leads, make sales, and increase your return-on-investment (ROI) with Facebook Ads, you need to consider... read more

How To Create Content That Converts

The best content converts prospects into customers.

When creating content that converts, it's important to remember to focus your energy in one place. It's always better to... read more

How To Handle Your Business Headaches

In business, you’ve got to take the good with the bad if you expect to grow.

Owning a business isn’t easy. There will always be something that needs your attention. Whether it’s refining processes to make... read more

What’s The Difference Between Cockiness and Confidence?

If you're going the be great at something, you might as well be the greatest.

There is a definite difference between confidence and cockiness. Though many may tell you "not to be prideful" or "to be... read more

How To Improve Your Facebook Ad Numbers

There is one sure way to get your Facebook Ads numbers exactly where you want them.

We like to talk about how important video is. We all know it's the most popular piece of content you... read more

You’re Going To Want To Know These Trends

Staying relevant in a digital world takes a lot more than posting to social media.

Business owners today need to keep their eyes open for trends circulating on social media. It seems like everyday, there... read more

Are Cheap Leads Really Good?

If you’re more concerned with cheap leads and not quality, you need a reality check.

Everyone knows the saying quality of over quantity, right? We’ve all heard it.  After all, the saying has some truth... read more

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