Boosting Your Posts is a Bad Idea: Here’s Why

Boosting your posts might save you time, but it will waste your money.

 One of the biggest mistake you can EVER make with Facebook Ads is boosting your posts. DON'T BOOST THE DAMN POST!!!... read more

The Importance of Telling a Story With Facebook Ads

Measuring the success of your Facebook Ads campaign is as easy as telling a story.

Each Facebook Ad tells its own story. Like most stories, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. There’s... read more

You Need To Retarget These 5 Audiences

There is more than one way to create custom audiences for retargeting.

Many people think the only way to retarget is by using a pixel code. More often than not, the pixel... read more

Using Facebook Ad Call-To-Actions

Giving your audience options will only confuse them more with your Facebook Ads

You might not like hearing it, but you don't like making decisions. Nobody does. People like to take advice and... read more

Setting KPIs is Important to Your Facebook Ads Campaign

You need to use key-performance-indicators to keep your Facebook Ads campaign on track.

 Do not neglect the numbers. Numbers are everything on Facebook! And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. There... read more

Why You Need To Analyze Your Facebook Ad Results

If you’re not looking at your numbers, you need to rethink your Facebook Ads strategy.

It’s so easy to get caught up looking at the WRONG things when analyzing your Facebook ad’s performance. What’s even... read more

How Much Should I Spend On Facebook Ads?

If you aren’t advertising on Facebook, you should be because it’s cheap.

The smallest things make the biggest difference on Facebook. That's no secret. No matter how small your business may be,... read more

Who’s Watching Your Facebook Ad?

Competing for your buyer’s attention on Facebook is a challenge of its own.

So, I read this story about a multimillionaire. He's one the most successful television advertising executives in the nation. He's... read more

This is Why Metrics Matter With Facebook Ads

When it comes to Facebook Ads, metrics matter more than you think.

About three months ago, I got on the phone with a prospect. He, like many of my clients, needed help... read more

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